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 All India Youth Karate Federation (National-wide Registered By Government of NCT of Delhi, Under the Trust Act of India) is Non-Style Non-Profit, Non-Political & Revolutionary Organization. We Promote Traditional, Contact & General-Sports Karate in India. We Invite Youth Karate Instructors, Who want to Really Promote Karate in India.

 All Style Karate Federation India Official National Representative & Affiliated wtih IKU- International Karate Union & United World Karate Federation  



 According to ancient Okinawan legend, Karate had its beginnings in India with a Buddhist monk named Daruma. Tradition says that Daruma traveled across the Himalayan Mountains from India to the Shaolin Temple in Honan Province of China. There he began teaching the other monks his philosophies of physical and mental conditioning. Legend has it that his teachings included exercises for maintaining physical strength and self defense. 



 The most famous student of Sakugawa was Matsumura Sokon (born 1805) who was sent by the royal family of Okinawa, Sho Shi, to study at the Shaolin Temple in China in 1815. He returned to Okinawa and was appointed the chief bodyguard for the King Sho Ko. Since he lived in the royal village of Shuri, his style became known as Shuri-te. Matsumura was awarded the tide of "Bushi" or Samurai and became known as "Bushi" Matsumura. He died at the age of 87, leaving a legacy of many famous students. 


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International Combat Games

9Am - 10Pm

Talkatora Indoor Stadium

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International Combat Games

International Combat Games-2019 to be held at New Delhi on 22-24 November.  Register - http://combativesports.org

9Am - 10Pm

Talkatora Indoor Stadium

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